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DOT Compliance Services

Maintaining complete and compliant driver qualification files is a lot more complicated than most business owners care to tackle on their own. Why not let HealthWorks Safety partner with you to ensure you have the expertise you need to deduce your regulatory risk, keep your drivers qualified and compliant with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Driver Qualification File Management Service

How The Service Works

We Conduct Driver Qualification Audit & Provide Overview

Healthworks Safety provides a comprehensive audit of your driver file contents to ensure compliance. This will allow us to determine your initial compliance levels and what the next steps will be required to achieve compliance

We Provide Ongoing Notifications & Compliance

We perform ongoing monthly auditing of your driver files to identify missing, expiring, and incomplete records. You receive monthly notifications of these compliance deficiencies and a 90 day advanced notice of documents that will be expiring. By having ongoing, full visibility of your driver’s recordkeeping requirements, you’ll be able to improve your CSA Driver Fitness scores!

We Provide Audit Support

In the event of a DOT audit, we will support you through the entire process. We will be by your side and support you on how to present your records and be available for questions from you or the auditor. At Healthworks Safety, we believe in partnerships and that how stand out from the competition.

Additional Supplemental Services

We also offer additional services to further your compliance with these optional services:

  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Ordering
  • DOT Employment Verification Ordering (Safety Performance History Records and background check)
  • DOT Previous Employer Verification Service
  • National Registry Verification
  • Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Service
  • Establish DOT Number’s for Business Fleets
  • Assist with MCS-150 Maintenance & Updates
  • Management and Tracking of Current Driver Lists and Accident Logs
  • Hazardous Material Initial and Annual Refresher Training
  • Facilitate Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium Selection and Records to Comply with Annual Random Drug & Alcohol Percentages

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